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Because your kisses make my lips quiver.

The past few days have been uneventful that's why I haven't really been in the mood for an update. I got into some erasing here and there in this screwed up journal. No point in keeping pointless entries. Everything's pretty much flowing normally in this house. But wait til I start school. I'm bored like crazy and it's only Wednesday.

I swear I need to start slimming down. All the fats have been growing in the most unwanted places in my body like my arms, tummy and my hips. My hips are known to be err, full, so I don't think I need any more resizing. Heh. For all we girls know, it's going to get bigger when we give birth. Damn.

I don't know where and when to start working out though. I'm such a lazy bitch who has a stash of chocoloates and cookies beside her bed. And I just can't stop munching. For chrissake I don't even get hungry for an entire day anymore you know. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. I don't like the thought of me having to buy bigger pants and bigger tops the next time I go shopping for clothes. MUST LOSE WEIGHT NOW. I mean before school starts in a month..

Anyway, I'm seriously reconsidering my plan of going home next year. But, the definite decision will surely come ONLY on the summer of next year. If everything works out here then I JUST MIGHT continue college here. I asked my Mom about it and she said it's okay even if it's a bit expensive.

Right now I'm afraid of what kind of people I'd have to be stuck with for a year. I just had an insane thought of me being a loser to my classmates-to-be. I mean, even if it's for sure that all of us are new to that university, most of them just might be classmates/friends at their previous school... that's why I'm afraid of being left out.

I really hope that doesn't happen. *crossez fingerz* It can't.

I'm driven insane by how much I miss: the feeling of being committed in a serious relationship; clubbing every goddamn weekend; and... cigarettes. It's crazy I actually think about these things at night.

Hah. I'm so weird.
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